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A Way of Seeing

An Ethical Approach to Art Photography & Education

Installing Our Screen Savers

Our Screen Savers are safe and easy to install.

They are self loading EXE files that will find the correct place to install within your computers screen saver area.

They are very easy to set up, have their own control panel so that you can change things like the way the images are displayed, how big or small, turn the sounds on and off and even have your own playlists play while the screen saver is displayed.












  • Choose your screen saver from either the free section or purchase one of the trademark free versions
  • Click on the image of the screen saver you choose
  • The screen saver should start to download
  • If asked choose “Run” or “Open When Done” (different browsers ask different questions. Basically you want to run the file
  • Click “Yes” to “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer”
  • You may be told that this publisher is unknown and are you sure etc. - be assured these files are safe we are a small publisher so unrecognized as yet in the grand scale of things
  • you are safe to accept this file, you may have to use a drop down menu to accept it
  • You should then see our agreement - Accept our agreement, this states our standard copyright
  • Click Next
  • Your computer will usually choose the best “Location” for the file so ..
  • Click “Install”
  • You will see our information page
  • Click “Next”
  • Click “Finish”
  • You should be left with your Screen Saver Settings Box
  • Click Settings to change any of the dynamics of the screen saver in your screen saver control panel
  • Our free Screensavers have a time period for you to decide whether to keep the Screensaver
  • when the screen saver plays then is ended you will be given an oprion to enter a key supplied to keep the screen saver
  • Enjoy

    you can remove the Screensaver at anytime using your control panel - programs and settings area.

Screen Savers

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Ltd Edition Prints

Our Ltd Edition Prints are Images from our exhibitions and other collections turned into beautiful for your Home or Office.................................read more


Take An Ethical Approach to Art Photography and Education through our own “Splash” learning tool offered Free to school children!...........read more


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