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We have produces Ltd Edition Giclee Prints our both our own and other artists work for some years now.
We will never use non Branded Inks or Pigments or inferior print media to produce any print. We believe, if a customer is going to take the time to choose a Ltd Edition then the quality of the product should reflect this decision. At present we are using Epson Printers with Epson Ultra Chrome K3 Pigments that have an amazing colour fast life.......read more about Epson Ultra Chrome Pigments

We use an ultra flat matte gallery quality print media for most of our Ltd Edition Prints (unless specified otherwise)  Our print media is a bright white media that shows a great colour gamut, its coating both holds the pigments locked in and reflects their colour for years and years.

We always make our prints rigid with an artist mount board that will maintain the prints flat surface, so no wrinkling or waving occurs throughout the prints life.

We use an ice white acid free mount for finish our prints and always package our prints personally to ensure they get to you in mint condition


We build all our screen savers ourselves in our own small studio. The software is constantly checked for stability. Our workstations automatically check our systems for virus contamination and the files produced are also tested and scanned for safe practice and for your assurance .

We can not, of course, test your own computers safety or the network on which it runs but be assured that the screen saver files we produce are safe to install and virus free.

As our screen saver files are produced in fairly small numbers and changed often, your PC security may record and inform you that the files may not be safe. This is because most security systems look to see how many people have downloaded a particular file. As we have a very small distribution this is picked up by security systems and highlighted as a warning. Again be assured that our screen saver files are safe and tested as such.

read more about installing your screen saver files here......



We do supply some artists with Ltd Edition Prints for their own galleries. To do this we properly we create images for their work photographing paintings etc and then use a process of sample printing to get a finish that the artists are happy with.

Due to everyone’s computer monitor usually showing slightly different colour gamut’s and ranges, this process has to be done in print form and can, therefore, be time consuming. Once the print colours etc. have been agreed and the set up process completed the files can then be stored within our systems to called upon for sets of prints that will be consistent.

These processes are never quite the same twice so pricing is on an individual print basis.







SPLASH is an Art Photography Learning Tool written and by ourselves for use in workshops that give children around school yr 6, an insight into cameras, how they work, light and how it plays in photography, photography styles and how this art form leads through many of today’s professions including gaming etc.

The workshops are delivered free (at present time) to yr 6 school children and include multimedia presentations, interactive presentations, slideshows, discussion and camera work both outdoor and using lighting and backdrop, subject isolation, expressions and much more.

We also produce a workbook for each student that they can record their work in, work through photography related exercises and keep along with discs of their work, certificate of attendance, achievement feedback.

Schools usually arrange exhibitions of the children’s work and have “Best in Category or similar voting for the best images produced.




Screen Savers

Take a look at our free screen savers. Images from our exhibitions and other collections to download for FREE!..........................................read more

Ltd Edition Prints

Our Ltd Edition Prints are Images from our exhibitions and other collections turned into beautiful for your Home or Office.................................read more


Take An Ethical Approach to Art Photography and Education through our own “Splash” learning tool offered Free to school children!...........read more


Take a look at our News section, exhibition dates and venues, find out what we do and where...........................................................................read more


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